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Moon on a Rainbow Shawl

Conceptual Project

Professor: Michael Sharpe

Trinidad Research



Moon on a Rainbow Shawl is an incredibly raw story about human survival amidst harsh reality, wherein characters struggle to sustain themselves while chasing their dream of a better life. The narrative unfolds in a post World War I Trinidad—in four slum-like communal dwellings— where six main residents (still living under Colonial British rule) face daily issues of uncertainty and conflict.


The Caribbean locale is a melting pot of various diverse cultures, blending influences of English, French, Portuguese, African, Indian, and Venezuelan nationalities, to name a few. The historical and present day influences are prominently featured in the clothing silhouettes and textiles of the inhabitants— and are a primary focus in my costume design.


I chose a palette full of color and print faded by the wears of age and use. Each character lives in a color world that reflects specific personality traits. Sophia is focused on providing for her family and wears practical greens with geometric patterns that highlight her grounded, stern resolve. Rosa celebrates her own hopeful and naive femininity, wearing mostly solid and subtlety-striped pinks while Mavis unapologetically flaunts large-scale patterns that reflect her bold, vivacious nature.


Moon on a Rainbow Shawl focuses a lens on the human condition and reveals a discerning degree of transparency in the motivations and desires of these individuals. The ties of family and responsibility are tightly knitted throughout their lives— mended by some and frayed by others— from one generation to the next.

Renderings, Research and Swatches

18 Prince.jpg
19 Prince.jpg
20 Charlie.jpg
21 Charlie.jpg
22 Old Mack.jpg
23 Sailor.jpg
24 Soldier.jpg
25 Policeman.jpg
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