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UNCSA School of Drama Fall 2019

Cider House Rules Parts 1 & 2

Director: Quin Gordon

Scenic Design: Juli Reed

Lighting Design: Ethan Saiewitz

Wig and Makeup Design: Cassandra Richardson

Production Photos



Cider House Rules Parts One and Two posed various challenges for me as a Costume Designer: the eighty-year time span; the performers playing multiple roles; and the fast-paced nature of the show. My design required a creative approach to ensure that the costumes would not get in the way of the ensemble's ability to tell this captivating tale.


Director Quin Gordon led the creative team to view the ensemble as a troupe of storytellers. Instead of stepping into a character's shoes and showing the audience a day in their life, the audience would see a group of people come together to share a story. The actors rarely, if ever, left the stage— and their many character transitions happened in full view of the audience.


I chose to put each character in a "non-period specific" base-costume that could be morphed into a variety of looks by adding and removing layers. The goal was to be inspired by, but not limited to, a specific style or year. I utilized pieces that could easily come on and off to seamlessly assist with these transitions.


The costumes lived in a muted earth-tone palette filled with patterns and textures. The idea was that these clothes were vintage and antique pieces that showed the patina of age, as if they had come from a storage trunk having survived the test of time.


Overall, I think that this production of Cider House Rules Parts One and Two turned out to have a beautiful historic feel. The ensemble did an incredible job telling us a beautiful story, and the creative team was able to give them a flexible design that allowed them to do so.

Research Images


3 Jane Cooper.jpg
4 Jeremy Gill.jpg
5 Yasmin Pascal:Brooke Sterling.jpg
6 Paige Okey:Musicians.jpg
7 Amar Bains.jpg
8 Amar Bains.jpg
9 Camron Stewart.jpg
10 Camron Stewart.jpg
11 Ella Werner.jpg
12 Julissa Lopez:Michael Washington.jpg
13 Luke Klein.jpg
14 Maleek Slade.jpg
15 Noa Beckham Chasnoff.jpg
16 Olivia Daponde.jpg

Assistant Costume Designers: Diana Haberstick & Maggie Tennant

Costume Shop Manager: Matthew Campbell

Drapers: Olivia Dilworth, Jocelyn DuBose, Rebecca T. Eckes, Karen Milla, Taylor Newell,  Maya Patrick, Miranda Poskin & Hunter Stansell

First Hands: Jenna Anderson, Emily Davis, Hannah Ferkol, Erin Justice, Marie Lupia, Lily Mateus, Maggie Neal & Andrew Senn

Stitchers: Hannah Andrews, Whitney Fabre, Zoe Gilreath, Jemima Firestone Greville, Emily Harris, Damarius Kennedy, Molly Klemm, Cassie Sisson, Chloe Walters, Natalie Carreiro, Tess Crabtree, Praveer Gangwani, Audrey Harms, Emma Smith, Jade Soto, Eli Thompson, David Wheeler, Felix Thompson, Scary Marcus, DaMya Gurley, Ruby Westhoff, Nicolas Poler, Bailey James, Ben Millspaugh, Chloe Ivey, Brandon Harris

Crafts Head: Trey Grey

Crafts Artisan: Will Kerns Stanley

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